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Advanced Skills

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How to Use Autoplay on Sendspark
How to Make an AI-Generated Video Script
How to Combine Videos
How to Make Videos with Dynamic Backgrounds
How to Use Templates
How to Trim Videos in Sendspark
How to Use Camera Spotlight
How to Understand Video Analytics πŸ“ˆ
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How to Use Snap Camera
How to Use The Sendspark Countdown Timer
How To Move Videos Between Personal and Team Libraries
How to Upload a Custom Video Thumbnail
How To Delete a Video πŸ—‘
How To Create and Use Multiple Workspaces
How To Remove Team Members
How to Use Blur, Virtual Backgrounds, and other Camera Effects
How Enable/Disable the "Like" Button
Touch-Up Your Appearance
How to Create Sub-Accounts for Agencies
How to Create a Dynamic Video Campaign
Salesforce "Company" variable missing - Workaround
How to Modify Shortcuts on Share Modal
AI Voice Cloning - How to Get The Best Results?
How to Brand Your Recording Toolbar
How to Bulk-Delete Videos
How to Hide 'Bookmarks' on the Chrome Bar when Recording a Video
How to Record My Screen and the Audio of My Computer
How to Make Dynamic Videos with LinkedIn Profiles
How to Simulate Scrolling a Webpage in a Dynamic Video
How to Use Voice Cloning with Multiple Languages (German, Spanish, French, etc.)
How to enable or disable Captions
How to Embed Calendars with Videos
Webhooks - An Introduction to Webhooks in Sendspark
LinkedIn Backgrounds
How to adjust the thumbnail in Lemlist
Use a Combined Video in a Dynamic Video Campaign
How to Recover Videos - Desktop App
Sendspark Recording Shortcuts and Hotkeys