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How to Make an AI-Generated Video Script
How to Make an AI-Generated Video Script
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Sendspark video messages can increase engagement and replies 300%+ across your sales communication -- from prospecting to demos to follow-ups and more -- but you have to know what to say!

We integrated OpenAI to make an AI-powered Video Script Generator. You can just answer a few questions, and then click "generate" to make your very own video script.

Think of this video script as a starting block. You'll want to customize it with your own voice, tone, and flavor.

How to Use Sendspark's AI Video Script Generator

Watch the video here or follow the steps below!

  1. Navigate to Sendspark's AI Video Script Generator, and click "Let's Get Started"

    AI Video Script Generator for Sales
  2. Select the use case for your video message.

    Video Scripts for Prospecting, Follow Ups, Welcome Videos, and more

  3. Select the ton of voice you want to use for your video script.

    Video Script tone of voice
  4. Add the name of your product

    Video Script for Your Product
  5. Add a short description of what your product does, and how it helps people.

    Video Script Product Description
  6. Add context that can help our AI make this video script more relevant for your intended viewer.

    Video Script Context
  7. Add the call-to-action. This is what you want your viewer to do after viewing your video.

    Video Script Call-to-Action
  8. Generate your video script!

Use your Video Script

You'll now see your video script, ready to use! You can add this to your teleprompter to read from when you record your video.

Video Script Example

Additionally, you can click into the "email" tab to see complimentary email subject line & email body content to use when sharing your video.

Video Script Email Content

🎥✨ The only thing left to do is to record your video. Create a free Sendspark account to start recording today!

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