You can edit the email platform shortcuts you see on the Sendspark share modal, so you only see your favorites.

What are these shortcuts for?

These shortcuts provide specific share snippets for different email platforms. Specific share snippets come with a few advantages, such as:

  1. Ability to use dynamic variables. If you'd like to use merge tags in videos as placeholders for first name, company name, or other variables, you need to use the correct share snippet for your message sending platform.

  2. Ability to track exactly who is watching videos. When you share with personalization, you can see who is watching your video in your video analytics.

How do you mange shortcuts?

We recommend customizing your share modal so that you only see shortcuts for the email platform/s you actually use. This will make things a little less cluttered for you.

To customize shortcuts, simply...

  1. Click the "edit/add" button

  2. Click on the icon to the right of each shortcut. If you see a "plus" icon, that means that the shortcut is NOT enabled. You can click on the icon to enable that shortcut. If you see a "check" icon, that means that that shortcut is enabled. You can click on the icon to disable that shortcut.

For example, in this screenshot, only the Outreach shortcut is enabled.


Do the shortcuts I set apply just for me, or for everyone in my workspace?

The shortcuts you set apply just for you. Other members of your workspace can modify their own shortcuts

I used a shortcut to share my video, but the personalization is not working

Read the help article for your specific email platform to make sure you are sharing hyper-personalized videos correctly:

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