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How to Use Merge Tags in Sendspark to Personalize Videos at Scale
How to Use Merge Tags in Sendspark to Personalize Videos at Scale

Automatically add your viewer's names and other personalized variables to your viewers

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Why Use Merge Tags?

Personalized video emails can get to 16x the click-through rate as their plain text counterparts. However, if you're sending a lot of emails, or incorporating video emails in your automation, then you might not have the ability to personalize each video experience by hand.

By using Sendspark merge tags as dynamic variables, you can automatically add your viewers' names and other information to all videos at once.

How to Use Merge Tags in Sendspark?

1. Create your video

Record, request, or upload your video to Sendspark.

2. Add Merge Tags

Open the edit page for your video, and add dynamic variables using the merge tag option on the right.

Add Dynamic Variables

3. Share through an email sending platform

I. Click Share Video

Share Video

II. Search your desired option below "Share with personalization"

Share modal

III. And click to copy the code snippet for your email-sending platform.

If you do not see a snippet for your email-sending platform, click on Edit/Add. If you still can't find it, please request it here.

4. Variables will automatically populate

When you use a merge tag, the correct information (name, company, etc) will auto-populate if it is known.

If it will not know, your viewer will see fallback text, so they still have a good experience.

5. Track who's watching

You'll be able to see who is watching your video from your analytics modal. If the viewer is known, you will see their name, otherwise, you'll see "viewer from (their location)."

See Viewer Analytics

Merge Tag FAQ

Q: Why don't I see the ability to add merge tags in Sendspark?

A: This feature might not be enabled for your account. Please reach out via our chatbot and we will turn it on for you.

Q: Why are my variables not showing up? I only see the fallbacks.

A: Make sure (1) you are on a paid Sendspark plan, and (2) you are testing with real customer data. If you preview a link without using real customer data, then you will only see the fallback variables.

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