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Learn how to record a video of yourself with your webcam using Sendspark

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You may use either the Sendspark Web Application on the Sendspark Chrome Extension to record yourself with Sendspark.

Both ways work great, but we recommend using the Chrome Extension for maximum speed.

This article will walk you through both options to record your screen with Sendspark.

Record your Screen with the Sendspark Chrome Extension:

1. Install the Chrome Extension

First, install the Sendspark Chrome Extension.

2. Launch the Chrome Extension

You can launch the Chrome Extension by clicking on the Sendspark icon in your Chrome browser at any time. (Make sure you have Sendspark pinned).

Sendspark Chrome Extension in Browser

3. Select from Face

At the bottom of your screen, select Face to record only your webcam


4. Start Recording

Click the red Record button to start recording.

5. Stop Recording

Click the red Stop button to end the recording.

Toolbar stop button
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