Sendspark Request Video makes it easy to request testimonials from your customers.

How to Request a Testimonial with Sendspark

  1. Navigate to the Sendspark Video Requests folder

  2. Click on the Request Video button once to generate a video request link

  3. Click Copy Link to copy the video request link to your clipboard

  4. Share the link with your customers. It's just a link, so you can share it any way you'd like. Here are some common ways to get video testimonials.

  5. Your recipients can click the link to record a video. The link will open in a new page, and they'll be able to record themselves or their screen, or upload a video.

  6. Recipients will have a chance to review and approve the video before submitting it. (Try it out by recording a video for us here!)

  7. When viewers submit the video, it will automatically upload to your Video Requests folder for you to view, download, or share.

๐Ÿ’ก Bonus tip: Help your customers feel more comfortable recording videos

Use Sendspark to record yourself asking customers to make you a testimonial to help them feel more comfortable (and prompt them with customer testimonial questions).

If you'd like to do this, just add your video request link to the call-to-action below your video.

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