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How to Request a Testimonial with Sendspark
How to Request a Testimonial with Sendspark

Request customer testimonials with Sendspark Request Video

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Sendspark's Request Video makes it easy to request testimonials from your customers.

How to Request a Testimonial with Sendspark

  1. Navigate to the Sendspark Video Requests folder

  2. Click Copy Request Link

    Copy Request Link

  3. Now, simply share the link with your customers. Here are some common ways to get video testimonials.

  4. Once your recipients open the link, this is what they'll see:

    Video request modal for recipient
  5. Regardless of whether they have a Sendspark account or not, they will be able to share a recording through any of these three options:

    Record options for video request
  6. Recipients will have a chance to review and approve the video before submitting it. (Try it out by recording a video for us here!)

    Video approval

  7. When viewers submit the video, it will automatically upload to your Video Requests folder for you to view, download, or share.

    Requested video sent

💡 Bonus tip: Help your customers feel more comfortable recording videos

Use Sendspark to record yourself asking customers to make you a testimonial to help them feel more comfortable (and prompt them with customer testimonial questions).

If you'd like to do this, just add your video request link to the call-to-action below your video.

Requested video Example

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