How Merge Tag Fallbacks Work
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Sendspark lets you add merge tags to personalize your videos at scale.

On your video pages, you can add placeholders for these terms:

  • First Name

  • Company Name

  • Job Title

When you send out your videos, the viewer's information will be automatically added to your video.

Video Merge Tags

We are usually able to access the correct information from your email sending platform (Hubspot, Outreach, etc.).

But, what happens if we cannot access the correct information?

This is where merge tag fallbacks come in.

If the viewer information is unknown, we will show the fallback text.

Video Merge Tag Fallbacks

Sendspark has built-in fallbacks to make your life easier:

  • First Name β†’ "there"

  • Company Name β†’ "your company"

  • Job Title β†’ "professional"

So, if you are to use a title like, "Hi {{Name}}, as a {{job title}} at {{company}}..." that could turn into one of these 2 scenarios:

  • Information is known: "Hey Jeff, as a founder at Amazon..."

  • Information is unknown: "Hey there, as a professional at your company..."

You are also able to overwrite these for each video if you would like to use a different fallback for that context.

When you overwrite the fallback variables, this does NOT affect the fallback videos on your past or future videos. It only affects the video that you are presently editing.

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