Sendspark provides video analytics to help you gauge how viewers are interacting with your videos.

Please note: video analytics are only available for Sendspark Pro and higher plans. If you would like access to video analytics, you can upgrade in your billing portal.

Launch The Video Analytics Modal

From either my videos or team videos, click on the analytics icon over your video to launch the video analytics modal.

Read Sendspark Video Analytics

How to Read Sendspark Video Analytics

On the video analytics modal, you'll see several categories. Here's what they all mean:

Total Views:

The number of times viewers open your video page. This is a page view, NOT a video view.

Total Plays:

The number of times viewers click to play your video. Note, if someone starts and stops your video multiple times, it will count as multiple plays.

Total Clicks:

The number of clicks on the call-to-action button below your video.

Total Likes:

The number of times viewers hit the like button on the bottom right of your video. Note, one viewer can like the video multiple times.

Viewer Insights & Watch Time

At the bottom of the video modal, you'll also see a breakdown of views, plays, clicks, likes, and watch time separated by individual. The views, plays, clicks and likes correspond to the data above.

Watch time displays a video heatmap showing which part of your video each viewer actually played.

Next to Watch time, you'll see the percentage watched from the viewer during that session.

Frequently Asked Questions about Video Analytics

1. Are my views counted in the video analytics?

No, your visits are excluded from video analytics.

However, if you watch your video from an incognito browser or mobile device, we might not be able to tell the viewer is you, and you'll see your views show up here.

2. Can I connect my CRM to identify viewers?

Not yet, but we're building CRM integrations soon. Please let us know which CRM you use and would like us to integrate with.

3. Can I see video engagement data prior to January 19th, 2022?

You cannot see video engagement data prior to January 19th, 2022 (when we released video analytics) in the Sendspark application. If you message us, we can look up the total video views, plays, likes, and clicks for an individual video, but will will not be able to pull viewer insight data.

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