With Sendspark's + Hubspot Marketing Hub Integration, you are able to send hyper-personalized video emails in Hubspot.

Why Send Dynamic Videos in Hubspot Marketing Hub?

Sending dynamic videos lets you personalize videos at scale. You can embed videos in Hubspot marketing emails using merge tags. These merge tags let you dynamically change content for each of your viewers — so you can automatically show the right first name, company name, or job title for each viewer.

How to Send Personalized Videos at Scale in Marketing Sales Hub

Read the steps below, or watch the video:

1. Create your video in Sendspark

You can record, upload, or request a video.

2. Use merge tags in the video page or thumbnail text

These merge tags will automatically update for each recipient. If the recipient's information is unknown, they will see a fallback.

3. Click "share"

Share personalized video in Hubspot marketing emails

4. Click "Hubspot Marketing Hub"

Note, if you don't see Hubspot Marketing Hub on the share modal, you can modify the shortcuts you see.

Share hyper-personalized video in Hubspot marketing video

5. Paste in an HTML snippet in Hubspot

From a Hubspot marketing email, drag in an HTML snippet. Now, you can paste directly in this module to see your hyper-personalized videos.

Send personalized videos in Hubspot


1. Will the video play in-line in email?

The Sendspark video might play in-line in email depending on the email client your recipient is opening the email in.

If they are using an email client that supports video (like Apple Mail, Superhuman, or Samsung), then they will be able to play the video in email. If they are using an email client that does not support video (like Gmail or Outlook) then they will see a fallback image of the video, and can click to watch the video in their browser. See which email clients support video here.

2. Can I send combined videos this way?

You cannot embed combined videos in email this way. Instead, we recommend sending the video as an image + a link.

Additional Resources for Integrating Sendspark and Hubspot

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