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AI Voice Cloning - How to Get The Best Results?
AI Voice Cloning - How to Get The Best Results?

By following this guideline, you will ensure natural and professional AI-cloned voice

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Sendspark's AI voice cloning success depends on the quality of your initial recording. Please follow the steps below for the best results.

Set Up Your Environment

  • Ensure that you are in a quiet environment with no background noise interfering with your voice.

  • Make sure your recording room has no echo or noticeable reverberation sounds. This can occur in small rooms with flat walls or mirrors.

  • Use the best quality microphone you have on hand

Record Your Video

  • Start your video with "Hi Watermelon." This part of the video will be replaced with "Hi [Name]" in the final video.

  • Do not link words right after you say "watermelon." Instead, leave a small space before the next word.

  • Make sure to maintain the same sound level and style throughout your entire video.

  • Make sure the video is at least 15 seconds long

Additional Tips

  • Use the same audio frequency and volume throughout the video.

  • Speak clearly and at a moderate pace.

  • Avoid mumbling or slurring your words.

  • Pronounce each word carefully.

  • Use natural pauses to create a more engaging flow.

  • Practice your delivery before recording.

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