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How to Use Camera Spotlight
How to Use Camera Spotlight

How can I switch between myself and my screen while recording?

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Camera Spotlight helps you personalize your product demos by shifting the focus between your screen and yourself.

Please note: you need to install the Sendspark Chrome Extension to use Camera Spotlight.

If you do not have it, please install the Chrome extension first, and then come back to continue this article.

How to Use Camera Spotlight

  1. Launch the Sendspark recorder.

  2. Make sure you have “Both” selected as your recording option:

    Recording example

  3. Click on the camera spotlight icon on your camera bubble to launch spotlight mode. You can do this before you start recording, and anytime during the recording.

    Spotlight mode on

  4. Click anywhere on the spotlight bubble to revert your camera bubble to its original position.

FAQ about Camera Spotlight

1. Is Camera Spotlight free?

Yes. Camera Spotlight is included on every Sendspark plan — including the free tier.

2. Can I use Camera Spotlight while recording?

Yes. You can switch the Camera Spotlight either before you start recording, or anytime during your recording.

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