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How to Hide 'Bookmarks' on the Chrome Bar when Recording a Video
How to Hide 'Bookmarks' on the Chrome Bar when Recording a Video

Record videos without showing Bookmarks or the Chrome Toolbar

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Hiding 'bookmarks' on the Chrome Bar from a screen recording is always a good practice:

  • It avoids revealing unnecessary personal information

  • It abstains from diverting the attention away from the real focus of the video

  • It keeps a clean and organized look on your screen

How To Hide 'Bookmarks' on the Chrome Bar

On both Mac OS and Windows OS you make use of the nearly same shortcut function to hide bookmarks:

  • Hide 'Bookmarks' on Mac: "Cmd + Shift + B"

  • Hide 'Bookmarks' on Windows: "Ctrl + Shift + B"

You can also click on the three dots of Chrome, go to BookMarks, and uncheck: "Show Bookmarks Bar"

Hide Bookmarks Bar

How To Show 'Bookmarks' in the Chrome Bar

If you want to bring back the Chrome bar, you can use the same shortcuts you used to hide them:

  • Show 'Bookmarks' on Mac: "Cmd + Shift + B"

  • Show 'Bookmarks' on Windows: "Ctrl + Shift + B"

How To Record Videos Without the Chrome Bar At All

You can also go the extra mile and record videos without showing the Chrome Bar at all. Using "Chrome Tab" recording, you only capture the content underneath the Chrome Bar.

How to record videos without the Chrome Bar:

  1. Hit "Record"

  2. In the "Choose What to Share..." modal that pops up, select a page under "Chrome Tab"

As long as you are recording a "Chrome Tab," and not your "Window" or "Entire Screen," the Chrome Bar will not appear in your recording. You will just see the content of the page.

For example, you can see in the preview of this video, the Chrome Bar is not visible at all:

Video without Chrome Bar

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