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How to Upload a Custom Video Thumbnail
How to Upload a Custom Video Thumbnail

How can I use a custom video thumbnail to embed my video in email?

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Sendspark automatically generates animated GIF thumbnails to embed videos in email โ€” but you don't have to use them!

You can easily add your own custom video thumbnails to your emails.

The important thing to know here is that the video thumbnail and the video landing page are 2 separate entities.

This means that you can link any image to your Sendspark video landing page!

How to use a custom video thumbnail in email

  1. Add your custom thumbnail to your email draft (as an image)

  2. Find the share link to your video

    Copy Video Share Link

  3. Hyperlink your custom thumbnail to the Sendspark video share page

Now, when recipients receive the email, they will see the custom video thumbnail, and be able to click to view the video in their browser.

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