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How to Record My Screen and the Audio of My Computer
How to Record My Screen and the Audio of My Computer
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Recording your screen along with the audio of your system can sometimes be crucial when sharing certain content.

Whether you are talking over a video, playing an audio file, or interacting with a website you can definitely record all of it by toggling a simple switch on.

There are different ways to achieve that and your OS matters. Unless you have our Desktop app, which you can download by clicking here.

If you have any questions about it, please refer to this article.

Chrome Extension & WebApp

If you don't have the extension yet: Install the Chrome Extention here

When using Mac OS, there's only one way to record your system's audio.

1) Click on the Sendspark Icon to start the app

2) Select "Screen" or "Both" and hit RECORD.

3) Click on the CHROME TAB option and toggle the "Also Share Tab Audio" ON

Record modal

Note that when recording on Chrome Tab, the screen recording won't follow you if you switch tabs. While you can use the Entire Screen record option to switch tabs, you won't be able to record the system's audio with it.

When using Windows, you have two ways to record your system's audio.

In this case, you can use both, the Chrome tab and the Entire Screen tab, as both have the "Also share system audio" switch:

Record modal

Desktop App

If this is too much trouble, simply download our Desktop App and you won't have to remember to switch it on every time as the Desktop App will automatically record everything!

Get the Desktop App on this link:

Let us know if you have any questions!

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