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Webhooks - An Introduction to Webhooks in Sendspark
Webhooks - An Introduction to Webhooks in Sendspark

How to use webhooks in Sendspark

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Webhooks in Sendspark allow you to trigger specific events from your dynamic video campaigns. By integrating webhooks, you can automate actions based on user interactions or system events within your Sendspark account.

Please note that at this time, webhooks are only available for dynamic video campaigns (not all videos in your Sendspark library).

How to Use Webooks in Sendspark

Navigate to the Webhooks section within the Settings panel in your Sendspark account.

Navigate to Webhooks in Sendspark

From there, you can...

Create a New Webhook:

  • Click on the “Add Webhook” button located in the top-right corner.

  • Fill in all the necessary information, such as the Name and Webhook URL

Create a Webhook in Sendspark

Configuring Webhook Events:

  • After creating your webhook, click on its name to access the settings.

    Configure Webhooks in Sendspark
  • Within the settings menu, choose from a list of available events that you want to trigger. These events include:

    • Video Created:

      • This event is triggered when a new video is successfully created in the dynamic campaign that you associated in your Webhook.

    • Video CTA Clicked:

      • When a viewer interacts with a Call-to-Action (CTA) button in the share page, this event is triggered.

    • Video Liked:

      • This event occurs when a viewer indicates their positive sentiment towards a video by clicking the "Like”button associated with the video content.

    • Video Played:

      • When a viewer initiates playback of a video, either by clicking the play button or auto-play functionality, this event is triggered.

    • Video Viewed:

      • This event is triggered when a viewer opens or accesses a video, regardless of whether they interact with the playback controls or watch the video in its entirety.

    • Video Watched %:

      • This event tracks the percentage of the video that a viewer has watched before pausing or closing the playback.

Additionally, you can associate a dynamic video campaign from which you want to trigger these events.

Sendspark Webhook FAQs

  1. What are webhooks, and how do they work in Sendspark?

    • Webhooks are automated messages sent from Sendspark to another application when a specific event occurs. In Sendspark, you can configure webhooks to trigger events based on user interactions or system actions within your dynamic video campaigns.

  2. Are webhooks available for all types of videos in Sendspark?

    • Currently, webhooks are only available for dynamic videos in Sendspark. Dynamic videos allow for personalized content generation based on user data, making them ideal for triggering events and automating workflows through webhooks.

  3. Where can I find more information or support for setting up and configuring webhooks in Sendspark?

    • For more detailed instructions or assistance with webhook setup and configuration, you can reach out to our support team for personalized support and guidance.

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