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How to Use Snap Camera
How to Use Snap Camera

Use a virtual background or lens with Sendspark

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Snap has depreciated the Camera app featured in this article

Don't worry! We already have a new set in place! Simply click on the following link!


What is Snap Camera

Snap Camera lets you use virtual backgrounds and filters in online video meetings and messages.

Once you have Snap Camera installed, you can choose from a huge library of virtual filters and backgrounds in your favorite online video platforms, including Zoom, Google Meet, and Sendspark.

Snap Camera Virtual Backgrounds and Lenses

Snap Camera includes many virtual background and lens categories like...

  • Work & Study from Home

  • Winter

  • Funny

  • Makeup

  • Cute

  • Backgrounds

  • And many more!

And Snap Camera invites the community to create and share community lenses, so options are seemingly infinite.

Snap Camera Community Lenses

Why Use Virtual Backgrounds, Makeup, and Filters?

No need to put on makeup or clean your room β€” just use a Snap Camera lens!

Here are some of our favorite lenses from Snap Camera...

1. Super subtle, skip the makeup and add soft color to enhance your appearance

Snap Camera Virtual Makeup

2. If you're going to choose a virtual office, choose one with an ocean view!

Snap Camera Virtual Background

3. Trying to look more professional? Wear a tie!

Snap Camera Virtual Tie

4. Or look a little more "natural" with butterflies

Snap Camera Butterfly Camera Filter

5. And sometimes, it's okay to be a little corny.

Snap Camera Fun Camera Filter

How to Record a Sendspark Video with a Virtual Background using Snap Camera

Watch this video, or follow the steps outlined below:

1. Install Snap Camera

To use Snap Camera, you need to download the application on your computer. To download Snap Camera, please...

2. Use Snap Camera as Your Camera Source in Sendspark

You can record videos with Snap camera in Sendspark by setting it as your camera source.

  • Restart Chrome after installing Snap Camera

  • Launch the Sendspark recorder (from either the web or Chrome Extension)

  • Click into Settings (βš™οΈ icon) and under Camera, select Snap Camera

    Camera selection

  • Now, you're all set to use your Snap virtual background or lens in Sendspark πŸ‘

Use Virtual Backgrounds in Sendspark

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