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How to Use Blur, Virtual Backgrounds, and other Camera Effects
How to Use Blur, Virtual Backgrounds, and other Camera Effects

Look polished and professional on camera — from any recording location.

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Sendspark supports virtual backgrounds, background blur, and other camera effects to ensure you look polished and professional — no matter where you're recording from!

Supported Camera Effects in Sendspark

Sendspark supports the following video effects:

Please note: At the moment, camera effects are only supported in the Sendspark Chrome extension. If you do not have the Chrome extension yet, please install it here.

How to Use Virtual Backgrounds

To use Camera Effects, first, launch the Sendspark Chrome extension. If you do not have the Chrome extension yet, please install it here.

Then, make sure Camera Effects is enabled on your account. To enable Camera Effects, please...

  1. Launch the Sendspark Chrome Extension

  2. Click on the "Settings" icon

  3. Toggle "Camera Effects" to "on." Here, you can decide if you would like to use Camera Effects when recording with "both" your camera and screen, or just your "camera only."

Note: Using Camera Effects might cause your camera bubble to load slower when recording your face over your screen, depending on your computer processing power, so it is not always advised when recording between multiple tabs. You can try this out and make the decision for yourself.

Enable Camera Effects for your acount

To use Camera Effects going forward, select the sparkle icon on the top right of your camera bubble to launch the Cam Effects modal.

Launch "cam effects" modal

From the camera effects modal, you have several options...

I. Blur Background

Select the first option to blur your background.

You will see a faint purple outline around the selected camera effect, and you can preview how this will look in the camera bubble in the middle of the screen.

Blur background with Sendspark

Simply close the Cam Effects modal to see your new effect while recording.

II. Use a Virtual Background

We provide several virtual backgrounds for you to choose from. Do you want an office background, clean space, or bright color? Take your pick!

Select a virtual background

How to Enhance Your Appearance

Click into the "Appearance" tab on your Cam Effects modal to see other available camera effects.

I. Touch Up Appearance

Please note we have a separate article for this feature. Click here to access it.

You can subtly enhance your appearance with the "touch up appearance" slider. Move this to 0 to have no appearance, and all of way to 100 to have the maximum enhancement.

II. Mirror Camera

To flip your camera, simply click on the "mirror my appearance" toggle. This will let you see the reverse of yourself (which most people prefer to look at for themselves).

Mirror Camera Appearance

How to Remove Camera Effects

If you no longer wish to use your camera effect, you can simply click on the "Remove Background" icon in the top left of the Cam Effects modal.

This will remove the virtual background from your camera view. Simply close the modal to save your changes.

Remove virtual background and camera effects

Any Questions or Requests?

Please message us through the chatbot on the bottom right of this site. We would love to hear from you!

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