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How to Trim Videos in Sendspark
How to Trim Videos in Sendspark

Trim the beginning and end of videos in Sendspark

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Say the wrong thing? No worries, you can cut it out โœ‚๏ธ

How to trim videos

  1. After recording your video with the Chrome extension, you can click the trim icon to trim your video.

    Trim button

  2. From the trim modal, you can move the left and right bars to create the new clip you want to use

    Trim modal

  3. Drag the big bar to anywhere in your clip to watch a preview.

  4. Click the play button on the video player or the space button on your keyboard to preview the clip.

  5. Click "save," and you'll be all set with your new clip.

  6. Accidentally cut too much out? No worries! All Sendspark editing is non-destructive, so just click the "undo trim" button and you'll get your original video back.

Trim FAQ

1. Can I trim videos without the Chrome Extension?

Not at this time. Please install the Sendspark Chrome Extension here to access the trim feature.

2. Can I trim previously recorded videos?

Not yet, but we plan to have this functionality soon for you!

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