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How to Make Videos with Dynamic Backgrounds
How to Make Videos with Dynamic Backgrounds
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What is a dynamic background in a video?

A dynamic element in a video is something that can be changed for each viewer. A dynamic background means that the background can be personalized for each viewer. For example, you can show your viewer's website or LinkedIn page without re-recording a video specifically for them.

Video with Dynamic Background

Why use dynamic video backgrounds?

Using dynamic video backgrounds can save you A TON of time if you were planning to record the same video over multiple website pages. Instead of recording multiple videos, you can record just one video, and then easily swap out the background for different viewers.

This is particularly useful for...

  • Prospecting — add a video of yourself over your prospect's website

  • Demos — explain how your solution can help, over the right URL

  • Walking through proposals — explain the general agreement, and show the specific terms of your viewer

And more! There are infinite ways to use dynamic videos in your sales communication to scale yourself and connect with prospects.

How to make videos with dynamic backgrounds

Follow the steps below, or watch this video:

  1. From your Dynamic Video library in Sendspark, click "Create Dynamic Video".

  2. Give your campaign a title:

    Create Dynamic Video Campaign

  3. Add the Sendspark share URL for your camera bubble video. This is the part of your video that will stay consistent across all of your dynamic videos. You can record with Sendspark, or upload an existing video.

    Add Video to Dynamic Video Campaign

    You'll know that you've added your video successfully when you see it pop up in the "Share Page Preview" in the section below.

    Preview Dynamic Video Campaign

  4. Customize the video share page. This section is optional, but can help you increase conversion rates when sending out your video for prospecting or sales campaigns. You can add...

    1. Header — shows up above the video on the share page

    2. Message — shows up below the video on the share page

    3. Call-to-action — is a button on the video share page that leads the viewer to schedule a meeting with you, or take the next step in the sales process

    Customize Dynamic Video Campaign

    A couple of notes here:

    1. For any of these sections, you can use dynamic variables as placeholders for the viewer's first name, company name, and job title. When you generate your dynamic videos, this will populate for each of your contacts.

    2. You can use your own branding (logo, colors, domain, etc.) instead of the Sendspark default styles by setting your global styles in your workspace settings.

  5. To generate a dynamic video, simply add your prospects' name and URL, and click "Generate Dynamic Video." It will take a few seconds, but soon you will see their custom video popular on the right of the page.

Create Dynamic Videos for Prospects

How to share dynamic videos

You have a few options for how you can share dynamic videos:

Share videos 1-on-1 with prospects:

To share a specific video with a specific person, simply click on the "..." next to their name, and select a share option.

Share Dynamic Videos one-on-one with prospects
  1. Copy Video Link -- click on this to copy the link to your video share page to your clipboard. Then, you can paste the link anywhere on the web to share your videos. This is the best way to share your video in LinkedIn messages or any messaging platform.

  2. Copy GIF + Video Link -- click on this to copy a preview of your video to your clipboard. Then, you can paste it into any email draft (Gmail, Outlook, Superhuman, SalesLoft, Outreach, Hubspot, or anywhere)! Your viewer will see an animated GIF thumbnail and be able to click on it to watch the video on the web.

  3. Download video -- this will download the MP4 file of your video to your computer.

Share at scale:

To share videos at scale, in email campaigns or sales sequences, click "Share Campaign"

You'll now see options to select different email automation platforms. Just select the one you want to use, and follow the specific share steps for that platform. Here are tutorials for all of our email platform integrations.

Share Dynamic Videos in Email Automation

Who has access to dynamic backgrounds?

Right now, this feature is only available in beta upon request. Please fill out our beta request form to join the waiting list.

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