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How Enable/Disable the "Like" Button
How Enable/Disable the "Like" Button
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Now you have the power to disable the "Like" button on shared videos, giving you full control over how your prospects engage with your content. Let's explore how this customization option can take your communication strategy to the next level.

You have 2 ways to toggle this feature On or Off:

1) Global Settings option: It allows users to set their preferences for all shared videos. This is perfect for those who want a consistent approach across their entire Sendspark account.

Simply go to Your Company --> Manage Workspace and click on the Manage Workspace Tab. Here's a link for quick access:

Manage Workspace

Scroll down to the bottom and you'll find these two options:

Global settings section

Now, you can choose to toggle Video Player Like Button Off or On.

2) Alternatively, you can also toggle the "Like" button for individual videos.

Click on the video you want to customize, and once you are in the Edit section click on the three dots located above your video:

Edit section

You'll notice the Thumb Up on the dropdown menu at your disposal

By disabling the "Like" button, you're adding an extra layer of control and ensuring that viewers can't publicly react to your content.


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