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How to Use Templates
How to Use Templates

How do I automatically add a video call-to-action, header, and message to videos without writing them out every time?

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Why Use Templates?

Sick of pasting the same call-to-action below each video?

Templates let you pre-write call-to-action, header, and message content, so you can send videos much faster!

How to use Sendspark Video Templates

Read the article or watch the video!

1. Create your video template

Create and manage templates in your Sendspark Templates library

Sendspark Templates Library

2. Edit template content

You’ll be able to set the Header, Message area, and Call-to-Action content for your videos here.

Edit Template

If you’re not sure what to say, try using some of the suggested text we provide!


3. Record a video with the Chrome extension

If you don’t have the Sendspark Browser Extension installed now, you can install it here.

4. Select your template

Click the Select Template button on the browser extension preview modal, and choose the template you want to use.

Select Template button in recording section

5. Send your video

That’s it! Your video "share" page will be pre-filled with the template content you created.

Templates FAQ

Q: Who can see templates I’ve created?

A: Everyone in your workspace can see all video templates created for that workspace. (So if you have a template called “My Calendar” that automatically adds your calendar to videos, make sure to add your name – i.e. “My Calendar - Autumn”

Q: If I update my template, what happens to videos I’ve sent out with that template?

If you update your template, the previous videos you’ve sent out will NOT be affected. The updated template will only affect new videos using that template.

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