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How to Brand Your Recording Toolbar
How to Brand Your Recording Toolbar

Add your logo and primary color to your recording toolbar for beautiful, branded recordings.

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Sendspark makes it easy to add your logo & primary color to your recording toolbar, so if it shows up in your videos, it's on-brand. ✨

Branded Toolbar

How to Set Your Logo and Color on Recording Toolbar

1. Upload Your Logo to Sendspark

The logo comes from your workspace avatar. You can set this in your workspace settings here.

Add Logo to Recording Toolbar

We recommend using a square icon version of your logo. Keep in mind this will be cropped down into a circle.

2. Set Your Brand Color

The primary color comes from your button color in your global styles.

Set Brand Color for Recording Toolbar

3. Turn on Branded Toolbar

Toggle on "Branded Recording Controls" in your Sendspark desktop app

Turn Branded Toolbar On

Note: the branded toolbar is only available in the Sendspark desktop application right now. We will add it to the Chrome Extension soon!

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