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How To Create and Use Multiple Workspaces
How To Create and Use Multiple Workspaces
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How Workspaces Work

Sendspark workspaces are a great way to manage multiple brands or teams. They are similar to Slack workspaces -- every workspace is completely independent of another (with unique brand styles, team members, video content, etc.), but it's easy for you to toggle between them.

You might enjoy using multiple workspaces if you work with multiple brands within your company, want to use Sendspark for 2+ companies, or are helping your clients use Sendspark.

How to Create a New Workspace

To create a new workspace simply click on the avatar in the bottom left corner of your account and then click on Change Workspace

Create new workspace

Now click Create Workspace:

Change Workspace modal

Add your Company Name and you're all set!

Add Company Name

How to Toggle Between Workspaces

You can get back to your original workspace the same way: just click Change Workspace, and then select the workspace you want to be in.

Change Workspace modal
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