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How To Delete a Video πŸ—‘
How To Delete a Video πŸ—‘

How to delete a video

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Deleting a video is super easy, and there are a few ways to do so.

Delete videos from your Dashboard

From your Personal Library, Team Library, or Requested Video Library, you can just click on the three dots and then on 'Delete'

Delete from Library

Delete videos from the video's Edit page

Click on the video you want to delete, then click on the three dots and finally go to 'Delete Video'.

Delete from Edit

Delete from the Chrome Extension

If you want to delete a video you've just recorded, you can click the 'delete' button on the bottom left of the Sendspark Chrome Extension preview modal.

Delete from Chrome

Delete from the Recording Toolbar

Once your recording has started, if your Toolbar is on, you'll have the option to delete the video you are working on.

Delete from Toolbar

And that is it! Don't forget to reach out if you have any more questions!

The Sendspark Team.

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