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How to Embed Calendars with Videos
How to Embed Calendars with Videos
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Sendspark makes it easy to embed Calendly, Chili Piper, HubSpot, and other calendars next to videos, so viewers can book meetings without ever leaving your video page.

How to Embed Calendars on Sendspark Video Pages

To embed a calendar on a Sendspark page follow these steps:

  1. Go to your video page

  2. Switch the Calendar toggle “on”

    Toggle Embedded Calendar On
  3. Select your calendar platform from the dropdown

    Select Calendar Provider
  4. Add the link to your calendar

    Add a link to your calendar

    Please note: you are using the link, NOT the calendar embed code. We will automatically embed your calendar using the information from the link.

  5. That’s it! You should see your embedded calendar in the preview area

Embed Calendar from Video Page

Which Calendars Can Be Embedded On Sendspark Pages?

Right now, we support integrations with these calendar platforms:

If you use another platform to schedule meetings, you can request a direct integration, or add the link to a call-to-action button to include it in the meantime.

Where Can You Embed Calendars?

Embedded calendars are supported everywhere you can customize video pages in Sendspark. The process for adding an embedded calendar is the same everywhere.

1. Video messages

You can embed calendars under any video message in Sendspark.

Embed Calendar from Video Page

2. Dynamic video campaigns

You can embed calendars under dynamic videos, to send personalized videos out at scale.

Embed Calendars with Dynamic Videos

3. Templates

You can add embedded calendars to templates to easily add an embedded calendar to any video that you create.

Add Embedded Calendar to Template

Pro Tips for Embedding Calendars

Create a “Sendspark” Calendar for Tracking

If you want to track all of the meetings you are booking from Sendspark videos, you can create on calendar to specifically use with Sendspark videos.

If you use this video for all of your Sendspark videos, you will be able to track how many meetings you are booking with video outreach.

Save Time with Templates

It can be time consuming to add an embedded calendar for every video you record individually.

To save time, we recommend using Templates!

You can save your calendar in a Template, and then select that template after recording videos from the Chrome Extension.

Or even from the Dynamic Campaign builder!

This makes it faster to use embedded calendars, because you don't have to copy your calendar link every time you want to add a calendar to your video.

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