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How to Understand Video Analytics πŸ“ˆ
How to Understand Video Analytics πŸ“ˆ

See who is engaging with your videos πŸ‘€

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The Sendspark Analytics modal provides insight into who is watching your videos. This can help you understand how your videos are adding value to your organization.

You can launch the Analytics modal by clicking the Analytics button on videos in your video dashboard.

Launch Sendspark Analytics

Please note, you must be on Sendspark Pro or a higher plan to access Viewer Insights. Upgrade now to gain access to this feature.

Video Analytics Data:

Total Engagement Metrics

  • Total Views β€” The number of page views your video has. This does not mean that your recipient/s played your video, just that they opened your video page.

  • Total Plays β€” The number of times your video was played

  • Total Clicks β€” The number of times your call-to-action button was clicked

  • Total Likes β€” The number of times the "thumbs up" button on your video was clicked

Sendspark Video Analytics Modal

Viewer Insights (Pro)

  • Visitor β€” Who is opening your page. We'll show their location, device, browser, and IP information to help you figure out who they are. Each line item represents a page session.

  • Play Icon β€” How many times the visitor played your video in that session.

  • Click Icon β€” How many times the visitor clicked your call-to-action button during their session.

  • Like Icon β€” How many times the visitor liked the video during their session.

  • When β€” The time the viewer performed their last interaction of the session (last play, thumbs up, etc.).


1. Will my views show up in Analytics?

We do our best to scrub your views from the analytics, but if you're not logged into Sendspark, your views might end up there, too. Check your IP address so you're able to identify yourself if you accidentally end up there.

2. When does video analytics history start?

  • You can see the Total Engagement data from the moment you created your Sendspark account

  • You can see Viewer Insights starting on January 14th, 2022 (when we released that feature)

3. What is Sample Data?

You can toggle on sample data to see what video analytics would look like if you have video engagement and access to this feature. This is all fake data, just there to help you understand how the feature works.

Video Analytics

4. What other data is in Sendspark?

Head over to your Admin Dashboard to see higher-level insights regarding your top-performing videos and team members.

Sendspark Admin Dashboard

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