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How to Make Dynamic Videos with LinkedIn Profiles
How to Make Dynamic Videos with LinkedIn Profiles

Make it look like you are recording videos over your prospects' LinkedIn profiles

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Sendspark makes it easy to generate dynamic videos of you speaking over LinkedIn profiles.

This can save you a lot of time. Instead of manually recording thousands of videos, you can just shoot one video of yourself, and automatically place it over each of your prospects' LinkedIn profiles.

Create Dynamic Videos with LinkedIn Profiles

To use this feature, you must add a LinkedIn credentials to Sendspark. This is the only way to get rid of the "Sign into LinkedIn" popup in generated videos.

How to Add LinkedIn Credentials to Sendspark

In your Dynamic Video campaign, go to the area where you add contacts. Then click Connect Social Account.

Connect Social Account

In the popup that appears, next to LinkedIn, click Connect

Authenticate LinkedIn

Now you add to add you LinkedIn Cookie li_at value into the input field.

Add LinkedIn Cookie Value

To find your LinkedIn Cookie li_at value, we're going to have you go into your Chrome Dev Tools.

How to find LinkedIn Cookie Value


  • Open LinkedIn in a Chrome Browser

  • Right click on the page and then select Inspect to Chrome Developer Tools

  • Click into Application >> Cookies >> >> li_at

    • If you don't see "Application" right away, click the >> on the top menu to see more options:

  • Copy your li_at value, and paste it into Sendspark.

This is the expanded view of what you should be seeing:

Find your LinkedIn Cookie Value

Now, just click Connect and you should be all set to create dynamic videos using LinkedIn profile pages!

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