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How to Create Sub-Accounts for Agencies
How to Create Sub-Accounts for Agencies
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Sendspark makes it easy to create sub-accounts for your clients. In general, this is how it will work for you as an agency owner:

  • You can create workspaces for your team and each of your clients

  • Each workspace is entirely independent from other workspaces (with different brand styles, assets, and team members), but you will be able to hop between them.

  • Each workspace is created as a free plan, and can be upgraded and billed directly to your client by adding payment information in the billing settings.

How to Create and Manage Sub-Accounts

Create new workspace by clicking "Change Workspace" on the menu on the bottom left of Sendspark

From here, you will see all workspaces that you are part of.

You can click "Create Workspace" to create a new workspace, or select an existing workspace to switch into it.

When you create a new workspace, it is created as a nearly blank slate. None of your branding, team members, billing information, templates, videos, or other assets will be imported over. This is so you can create them fresh for your client, and not risk any privacy leaks.

The only information that will be imported over is related to your personal account settings (like name, email address, and some recording preferences) to make your life easier.

This means that when you create a new workspace for a client, you will want to go through the basic onboarding for them:

  1. Upload your logo and set your brand styles

  2. Create templates to add to videos after recording

  3. Create folders you will use to manage videos

We hope this helps you stay organized and empower your clients to succeed. Happy recording!

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