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How to enable or disable Captions
How to enable or disable Captions

Enable Captions / Subtitles on all your videos

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We're excited to share the latest from Sendspark HQ ✨

New Videos Get Captions 😎

1) Head to your menu and click on Manage Workspace:

2) Scroll down and you'll find the Captions handle at the bottom:

Your viewers will now have the option to click [c] to display captions on all new videos created from this point.

And, if you have autoplay enabled on your videos, captions will display automatically, so they can read your video even before they click for sound.

Note: The Global Settings Captions option only works on future videos. If you need to change this setting in older videos kindly follow the next steps

1) Click on the video you want to have the setting changed:

2) Once the EDIT page has loaded, click on the 3 dots on the top Navbar and then toggle the Captions setting as needed:

Videos recorded before 2/13/24 will be unavailable:

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