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How to Use The Sendspark Countdown Timer
How to Use The Sendspark Countdown Timer

Is there a way to turn on our off the Sendspark countdown timer?

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Sendspark has countdown timers for both the Chrome extension and web application. Here is how to use both:

Countdown in Chrome Extension

Camera & Screen Recording

  1. Launch the Sendspark Chrome Extension

  2. Click on the Settings icon

  3. Toggle the Countdown option on/off

    Recording Toolbar

Web Application

Camera Recording

  1. Select Camera recording to launch the recorder

    Web App Recording

  2. Click the countdown timer on the bottom left of the video player to toggle it on/off

    Countdown button

Screen Recording

  1. There is no way to toggle on/off the countdown timer for screen recording, but you can skip countdown to start recording sooner — so you don't have to wait!

    Cancel Recording button

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