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How to Use Autoplay on Sendspark
How to Use Autoplay on Sendspark
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When you enable autoplay in your workspace settings, your videos will start playing (muted) right way when viewers open your video share pages.

This reduces clicks and friction, so you can provide a better experience for your viewers.

How to Enable Autoplay on Sendspark

  1. Scroll down

  2. Switch the "Autoplay Videos" toggle to "On"

Sendspark autoplay video toggle

Autoplay Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Should I turn on autoplay?

A: It's really your choice (that's why we give you an option!). Autoplay reduces friction for viewers, who immediately see the videos playing and are pulled into the action. However, because videos autoplay muted, your viewer might miss the first few seconds of audio.

Typically, we recommend using autoplay if you're mainly using Sendspark to send video emails (and really want to optimize for low friction) and not using autoplay if you're using Sendspark primarily for educational content where viewers shouldn't miss a second.

Let us know what you decide!

Q: Why do videos autoplay muted?

A: Some browsers (like Safari) do not allow videos to autoplay with sound, so we autoplay videos to ensure that they will render correctly across all browsers. This also creates a better viewer experience for your viewers โ€” who might find it jarring to have a video autoplay with sound!

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