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Sendspark for Agencies — Video Prospecting for Agencies & Clients
Sendspark for Agencies — Video Prospecting for Agencies & Clients

The best video prospecting platform for agencies and your clients. See agency features, pricing, and more.

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Looking for a video prospecting platform for your agency?

Sendspark offers a powerful solution for you and your clients to stand out and connect at scale.

This article covers some of the agency-specific benefits that Sendspark offers. Read on, or feel free to skip ahead:

What is Sendspark?

Sendspark is a video prospecting platform. You can use Sendspark to record personalized videos or your screen (Loom-style) with our Chrome Extension or Desktop Recorder to stand out and personalize your outreach.

You can also use Sendspark to create AI-personalized videos at scale. Just create one video, and automatically generate thousands of personalized videos for your prospects with their first name.

For an added effect, you can even overlay the video of you speaking over their website or LinkedIn profile via Dynamic Background.

Sendspark has dozens of integrations. Videos can be shared in nearly any email campaign or sales sequence to generate up to 4x more engagement, including Hubspot, HighLevel, Instantly, and many more.

Additionally, Sendspark provides custom branding options, detailed analytics, calls-to-action, light editing, the ability to record custom intros in front of pre-existing videos, and many other amazing features. Feel free to schedule a demo to see the full platform!

Agency-Specific Features

Sendspark is a great solution for agencies to offer to clients. Here are some of the features we've built to make your life better:

1. Workspaces for Each of Your Clients

Easily manage client accounts in multiple workspaces. Each workspace is independent from the others — with its own brand styles, folders, team members, and videos — but it's easy for you to hop between them to help each of your clients.

Sendspark for Agencies: Multiple Workspaces

2. Tools to Onboard Clients

Sendspark offers a suite of tools to help you easily get your clients set up using video. Here are some highlights:

  • Create templates — Help your clients know what to say and what text and calls to action to send with their videos by pre-creating templates for them.

  • Team library — Easily share & organize videos in team folders.

  • Analytics dashboard — Keep track of how many videos your clients are creating, and what their best-performing videos are.

  • Video request tool — Would you prefer to deliver a white-gloved experience to your clients instead of having them log into Sendspark? Use our video request tool to get videos from them that you can send out on their behalf without them needing to log in.

3. Best Features for "Video Selling" on the Market

Sendspark will help you look like a leader with our state-of-the-art technology.

  • AI Voice & Video Cloning — Turn one video into thousands with seamless AI introductions.

  • Dynamic Backgrounds — Automatically include your prospect's website homepage or LinkedIn profile on your video to stand out and capture their attention.

  • Video Recording Chrome Extension & Desktop App — Our intuitive video recorder can completely replace any other screen recorder you or your clients use today.

  • Custom Intros — Combine personalization and scale by recording personalized introductions in front of pre-existing videos

  • Branded landing pages & calls-to-action — Deliver an amazing experience for prospects designed to captivate and convert.

  • Integrations with other tools — Sendspark will fit right within your workflow to send personalized video emails and LinkedIn messages.

4. Whitelabel & Co-Branding Options

You can remove Sendspark branding on videos that you & your clients send out. Simply toggle off Sendspark branding in your workspace settings.

To go the extra mile, you can add subdomains for each of your workspaces. This will help you and your clients deliver a beautiful, branded experience.

While you cannot completely remove branding on the internal Sendspark platform, you can add your own logo to co-brand Sendspark, and let your clients see the value that you are providing.

Agency Billing Options

Sendspark provides a few options to help you make money as an agency:

  • Revenue Share (via our Affiliate Program) — You can get 15% of each subscription you refer to Sendspark (recurring indefinitely) via our partner program. Apply to become a partner here.

  • Bill Clients Directly — To make your life easy, you can simply create workspaces for each of your clients, and have them add their billing details to the account.

  • Pass-through Billing — If you prefer to add your own margin or handle billing yourself, you can also set up a custom account on Sendspark, and bill your your clients on your own. Please, contact us to discuss details.

Get Started with Sendspark as an Agency

To get started as an agency, you can simply create a free trial and start using the platform.

Your first workspace will be for your brand, and then you can create additional workspaces for each of your clients.

And of course, set up an onboarding session with us if you need any help getting started!

Agency FAQ

Q: Does Sendspark offer a reseller option?

Sendspark offers a variety of options to help you set up Sendspark for clients and make a profit. Please, contact us to discuss the specific way you would like to integrate Sendspark into your agency offering.

Q: Can I Whitelabel the video platform?

While Sendspark does not support a 100% whitelabel option, we do provide a way for you to co-brand the platform with your logo and resources. This way, it is immediately clear to your customer how are providing value above and beyond the usual Sendspark platform.

Q: Does Sendspark offer custom domains for videos?

Yes, you can set up a custom domain with Sendspark to send videos from your domain or your clients' domains.

Q: Can I have custom domains for multiple clients?

Yes, you can add a custom domain for each workspace, so each of your clients can use their own domain to share videos.

Q: Does Sendspark have an API?

Sendspark does have an API available upon request. Please, contact us with more information on how you intend to use it, and we can help you get set up.

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