Customize Your Video Landing Page

Add a title, message and call-to-action to your video share page to drive engagement and conversions

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After recording your video, you can edit your video's landing page in these ways:

  1. Write a title above your video

  2. Add a message below your video

  3. Use the Call-To-Action button

  4. Set Brand Styles

Note that to use any of these features you need to be at least under the Starter Plan.

To get started using video landing pages, read the article or watch the video!

1. Write a Header above your video

Write a title to set the scene for your video. This will appear directly above your video.

Customize: Header

2. Add a Message below your video

Add a message to drive home key points in your message. This will appear right below your video.

Customize: Message

3. Use a call-to-action button

Toggle on the Call-To-Action button to add a button below your video. Refer to these guides for using a calendar link, phone number, text message, or URL link.

Customize: Call to Action

4. Set Brand Styles

Add your own logo and brand colors to customize the look and feel of your Sendspark videos.

Customize: Brand Styles

You will only have to set your styles once to have them appear on all video messages and requests in your workspace. Learn more about setting global styles here.

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