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Remove Sendspark Branding (Whitelabel)
Remove Sendspark Branding (Whitelabel)

Sendspark makes it easy to remove branding from videos, so you can always deliver a polished & professional experience

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How to Remove Branding from Videos

There are a few places you have to remove Sendspark branding from videos to completely obfuscate our brand. Follow the steps below to get started.

Note: you must be on a Sendspark Rapid plan on higher to use all of our white-label features. Let us know if you have questions about your plan!

1. Use the White-label toggle

  • Navigate to your workspace settings

  • Search for the white-label section

  • Switch the toggle to the left side, so it says "Badges turned off"

Remove Sendspark Branding

This will remove most of the Sendspark branding from your account, and put you in a great spot to deliver clean, polished videos. However, there are a few more places you will need to update Sendspark branding with your own, in order to deliver a fully white-labeled experience.

2. Set Global Styles

By default, the Sendspark logo and brand colors will appear around the video. You can replace this branding with your own in your Global Styles.

From the same workspace settings page, simply click Set Global Styles. From here, you can upload your logo and change the default colors.

Set Global Styles

3. Add a Custom Domain

Sendspark supports custom domains, so you can share videos with your own branded URLs (like

Learn more about adding a custom domain here.

Until you add your own domain, recipients will see the Sendspark domain when you share videos, even if you have whitelabel enabled.

4. Change share snippet default text

By default, when you share videos, we will paste a link below your video that says "Watch video on Sendspark."

If you want to remove "Sendspark" from this snippet — or change the text completely— you can do in your workspace settings.

Simply click into the default text area to edit.

Remove branding from video share snippet

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