Use a Custom Domain for Videos

White-label Sendspark video messages and requests by using your own domain (commonly referred to as CNAME).

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If you want to share videos from your own domain URLs, you can connect your domain to Sendspark. This will give Sendspark permission to use your domain for your video share pages and video request pages.

Connecting your domain will also help your videos get through firewalls and provide a more consistent, white-label experience for your customers.

Important Considerations:

  1. Once you set up CNAME, it will be hard to remove or update it. Please be absolutely sure of the subdomain you want to use before setting it up.

  2. Subdomains are set on a per-workspace basis. If you are using multiple workspaces with Sendspark, you must add a new, unique subdomain for each workspace.

  3. CNAME is only available on Sendspark Solo and Sendspark Team plans. If you would like to use CNAME, please schedule a call, or write in via chat to upgrade your account.

To start the domain connection process...

  • In your Sendspark account, go to workspace settings

  • Scroll to the bottom of the page, where it says Custom Domain

Add custom domain

Enter your subdomain

  • Enter the subdomain you want to use with Sendspark (e.g.

  • Click Next Step

Access your DNS Settings

In a separate tab, please access your DNS settings:

  • Log in to your DNS provider where you purchased your domain (i.e.

  • Locate the records for the domain you want to use

  • Go to DNS Settings

Add Sendspark to your DNS Records

  • Back in Sendspark, click "I've done this, let's start" on the modal that's popped up. This will generate the Type, Host, and Value for you.

    Get your custom domain information
  • Please copy and paste the values you see for Type, Host, and Value into your DNS records.

Add Sendspark to DNS Records

Note: Use A record values from The values above are sample data.

Important Notes

  1. You might need to modify the value based on your DNS provider. For example, in GoDaddy and Cloudflare, you will only paste the subdomain ("video") and not the root domain ("").

  2. For Cloudflare, the Proxy Status should be "DNS Only" (so you will need to change the default, which is "Proxied")


Here are the help documentation pages for common DNS providers:

Verify your Domain

  • Back in Sendspark, click Test Connection

Verify Custom Domain
  • If your domain is connected, you will see a green dot, and the word Connected. Way to go -- you're all set! 🥳

Custom Domain is Connected
  • If you're still seeing Unverified, no worries! It can take up to 24 hours to update your DNS records. Please pour yourself some coffee, and try again in a bit. ☕️

Twitter Validation

Please note, after you set up your custom domain, you may have to run the new URL through Twitter Card Validator to get video previews to show up when you share Sendspark links on Twitter. Validate Twitter cards here.

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