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Sendspark Instant Integrations: How They Work
Sendspark Instant Integrations: How They Work

Sendspark has instant integrations to record and share videos directly in Gmail, LinkedIn, Outreach, Hubspot, and other messaging platforms.

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At Sendspark, we strive to make it as fast as possible to send videos to clients and prospective customers.

So we built "Instant Integrations" to make it blazing fast for you to record and share videos right within the popular communication platforms, including:

When using Sendspark instant integrations, you can simply...

  1. See a Sendspark icon in the compose windows of all of these messaging platforms

  2. Select "Record new video" to launch the Sendspark recorder (or choose from the other menu items)

  3. Preview your video, and use shortcuts to add templates, combine videos, trim, and more.

  4. Insert, and send your video email!

All of these instant integrations are enabled the second that you install the Sendspark chrome extension.

However, if you do not want to use any of the instant integrations, you can toggle them off in your integration settings.

When you toggle off integrations, they are disabled for you, but still enabled for other members of your workspace (who have the chrome extension installed).

Of course, you can toggle instant integrations back on to use them at any time!

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