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Record and share videos directly in Outreach emails

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Sendspark makes it easy for your team to record and share video emails in Outreach with blazing speed.

See a quick video of how it works, or read the steps below!

Before you get started:

Please install the Sendspark Chrome Extension to use the Outreach integration.

As long as you have the Chrome Extension installed, you’ll automatically be able to access Sendspark from Outreach.

How To Share Videos in Outreach

1. Open an Email or Template in Outreach

Log in to Outreach, and open the email you template you want to add a video to. You'll start seeing a Sendspark icon in your email toolbar.

Note: you must have the Sendspark chrome extension installed and be using a Chrome browser to see the Sendspark icon.

3. Click on the Sendspark icon

Click on the icon to launch video the Sendspark menu. You'll want to click Record New Video to record a video.

4. Record your video

Use the Sendspark extension to record yourself or your screen (or both together). After recording, you'll be able to preview your video in a modal over Outreach.

5. Copy Linked GIF

Click the Copy Linked GIF button to copy the video information to your clipboard.

6. Paste into your Outreach email

Now, you can just paste your video preview into Outreach. You'll see an animated GIF preview of your video appear in your email, all ready to send!

Note: Outreach asks if you want to paste with formatted text, or unformatted text. it doesn't matter – either option will work!

When you send these video emails to your prospects, they'll see a captivating GIF preview of your video, and be able to click to watch the full video in their browser.

Let us know if you have any questions by clicking the chatbot on the bottom right of the page.

Happy recording!

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