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Stand out and personalize your Close emails with a Sendspark video message.

Before you get started:

Please install the Sendspark Chrome Extension to use the Close integration.

As long as you have the Chrome Extension installed, you’ll automatically be able to access Sendspark from Close CRM.

How to Send Videos in Close CRM

Watch the video, or follow the steps below!

1. Click the Sendspark Icon in Close CRM

Create a new conversation or open an existing conversation in Close. You’ll see the Sendspark logo appear in the compose window next to the native Close options.

Note: you must have the Sendspark chrome extension installed and be using a Chrome browser to see the Sendspark icon.

2. Record a New Video

Click Record New Video.

This will launch the Sendspark Chrome Extension, so you can record a video of yourself or your screen.

Alternatively, you can choose from other options:

  • Add Last Recording — inserts the last Sendspark video you recorded

  • Video Library — opens your Sendspark dashboard to find or manage existing videos

3. Preview Your Video

After you've recorded your video, you'll be able to preview it on your screen right above Close. Feel free to delete or re-record as many times as you'd like until you get it right... but also remember it will never be perfect!

Preview and insert video in Close

4. Use Shortcuts

Sendspark provides shortcuts to improve your process and save you time! Feel free to use any of these from the Chrome Extension Preview Modal:

  • Select Template — lets you use saved templates to add text & a call-to-action to your video, without typing

  • Add Video — lets you add a second video as a combined video, so instead of recording the entire video for every person you're reaching out to, you can just record a custom intro

  • Trim — lets you trim your video

  • Edit page/thumbnail — takes you to another page to add more customization to your video landing page and thumbnail

5. Insert Video into Close Email

Once you're happy with your video, just click "insert" and it will be added to your Close email.

Feel free to resize the video thumbnail and edit the email text until it looks right to you!

Happy Recording!

Let us know if you have any questions, we're happy to help!

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