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Reply — Send Personalized Videos at Scale

Connect to more prospects with personalized videos at scale

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Why Send Mass Personalized Videos in Reply

When it comes to sales prospecting, personalized video is a powerful tool for you to stand out in email and make a personal connection.

Sendspark's Reply Integration helps you turn one video into infinite personalized videos. You can use dynamic variables to automatically add your viewer's first name, job title, and company name when sending a video in Reply.

You'll also be able to check your video analytics to see who's watching your video, how far into the video they're watched, and what part of the world they're located in.

How to Send Personalized Videos at Scale in Reply

Follow the steps below, or watch the video!

1. Create your dynamic video in Sendspark

When you create your video message in Sendspark, you can use dynamic variables as placeholders for your viewer's first name, company name, and job title.

Create Personalized Video for Reply

When you send your video in Reply, these variables will automatically populate with your prospect's information.

If the correct information is unknown for any viewer, Sendspark will display fallback variables.

2. Copy video share snippets in Sendspark

From Sendspark, click Share Video

Under Share with Personalization, you'll see 2 items for Reply. You'll need both of them.

(If you do not see these, please click "edit/add" to add the Reply shortcuts to your share modal).

Share video in Reply

3. Paste in Reply

i. Reply Image GIF will copy the image URL for your video thumbnail to your clipboard. Click on this, and then paste this in an image URL spot in a Reply email template.

Add video image to Reply

ii. Reply Video URL will copy the URL to your clipboard. Click this, and then hyperlink the image you just added to Reply to your video hosted on the web.

Add video URL to reply

Now, when recipients click the video preview, they will be able to watch the full video on the web.

4. Preview your video email

From the Templates section of Reply, you should be able to preview your video email template to see how the video will dynamically change for different recipients.

Preview video email in Reply

That's it! If all looks good, start sending your video in Reply emails and sequences!

Additional Resources for Integrating Sendspark and Reply

As a Sendspark + Reply user, you might want to take advantage of these additional features!

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