Getting Started

So you’ve recorded the perfect video right? Now let's make sure it gets your viewer's attention! We can do just that by personalizing your Video’s Thumbnail.

After recording your video go ahead and click Share Video in the top right corner and hover over your Video's Thumbnail Preview and click Edit Thumbnail.

Below are examples of how you can personalize your Video Thumbnail for viewers.

Picture Perfect 👋

Find and set the perfect place to start your Video Thumbnail Preview!

Add A Caption ✍️

Not only can you show the video is made just for them, but give them context of what what to expect in the video!

Add A Logo 🔎

Get their attention by adding their logo to your Video Thumbnail or add your own for a Watermark.

Show Video Length 🎬

If you'd like to provide your users with more information about the video, you can toggle on the Video's Length.


These thumbnails are always live. Any new saved changes to a thumbnail that is reloaded will update with the latest changes.

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