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Zendesk — Send Personalized Videos at Scale
Zendesk — Send Personalized Videos at Scale

Automatically personalize Sendspark videos for each of your customers in Zendesk

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Why Send Mass Personalized Videos in Zendesk

As a Customer Success Manager or Customer Support Representative, personalized video is a powerful tool for you to communicate valuable information, make customers feel special, and close tickets once and for all.

Sendspark's Zendesk Integration helps you turn one video into infinite personalized videos. You can use dynamic variables to automatically add your viewer's first name, job title, and company name when sending a video in Zendesk.

You'll also be able to check your video analytics to see who's watching your video, how far into the video they're watched, and what part of the world they're located in.

How to Send Personalized Videos at Scale in Zendesk

Watch the video or follow the steps below:

1. Create your video in Sendspark

When you create your video message in Sendspark, you can use dynamic variables as placeholders for your viewer's first name, company name, and job title.

Create Personalized Video for Zendesk

When you send your video in Zendesk, these variables will automatically populate with the correct viewer's information.

If the correct information is unknown for any viewer, Sendspark will display fallback variables.

2. Copy the Zendesk share snippet

From Sendspark, click Share Video

Under "Share with Personalization," click on Zendesk.

This will copy the Zendesk video snippet to your clipboard. Now, let's go paste it in Zendesk!

(Note, if you don't see Zendesk on the share modal, you can follow these steps to modify your shortcuts).

3. Paste into an Zendesk macro

Now, you can go over to Zendesk and create a new macro.

  • Navigate to Admin > Workspaces > Macros > Add macro

  • Add your Macro name, description, and availability settings

  • Under Actions, select "comment/description"

  • In the rich content area, paste your Zendesk video snippet from Sendspark

Share Personalized Video in Zendesk
  • Click "Create" to save your macro

4. Share your video email

Now, you can use your personalized video template from anywhere in Zendesk you can apply macros.

When you select your Sendspark video macro, the personalization tokens for your viewers will populate, so you can send one video to many people, and still deliver a personalized experience.

Send mass personalized video in Zendesk

Additional Resources for Integrating Sendspark and Zendesk

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