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Growth-X — Send Personalized Videos at Scale
Growth-X — Send Personalized Videos at Scale
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Why Send Personalized Videos in Growth-X

Sending personalized videos in Growth-X can help you see better results from LinkedIn automation. (Nothing beats a personal touch!)

The Sendspark Growth-X integration makes it easy to create one video, and automatically personalize it for each person you're reaching out to via Growth-X.

How to Send Mass Personalized Videos in Growth-X

Watch the video or follow the steps below!

  1. Record or upload your video to Sendspark

  2. Customize the video landing page and video thumbnail (you can use personalization tokens to automatically add your viewer's information to the video)

  3. Click "share"

  1. Select "Growth-X" (If you don't see Growth-X, follow these steps to modify the share modal)

  2. Paste into your message on Growth-X

  3. Send!

Send Video in Growth-X

Note About Sending Videos on LinkedIn

In order for your recipient to see the preview of your video, and not just a link, they must have either (A) accepted your LinkedIn request, or (B) accepted your InMail request.

For this reason, we do NOT recommend sending videos in connection requests. Videos are better used as a follow up message, after you are already connected.

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