AI Voice Cloning FAQs
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1) How many times can I say WATERMELON throughout the video?

The Watermelon variable works as a greeting and you can only use it once when the recording starts.

2) Does AI Voice cloning support other languages?

Yes! Check this article

3) What type of recording do I need?
When making a recording for Dynamic Videos, you need to perform a "Face" recording. Remember that the background will be replaced and we'll only be able to use a video where your face is centered. Click here for more details

4) What can "Watermelon" replace?

Although AI Voice cloning is a flexible and versatile feature and might provide positive results, it is only meant to work with names. any non-name words are not supported.

5) How many videos can you generate at once?

Currently, there is a limit of 2000 videos per campaign. However, for optimal speed and results, we suggest creating campaigns of 500-1000 videos at a time.

6) How long does it take to generate 500 videos?

It depends on how long the original video is. Assuming the video is 30 seconds long, it could take somewhere between 3 to 4hs.

7) If I record a 45-second video, would that take a minute away from my stock?
No. Minutes are not rounded up. You can see your consumption under Billing:

8) I need more minutes! What can I do?

Here's a top-secret feature to use longer videos and spend fewer minutes.

9) What's the best way to record a video for this feature?

Record a 20-40-second video with a short greeting: "Hey Watermelon (short silence)... I'm Dan from Tech support, and I'll be happy to help you today"

10) How can I improve my audio quality?

Here is an article that will help you get the best results

11) Some of my videos did not generate. Now what?
Click on ADD MORE CONTACTS to see the ones that were not generated and click on GENERATE VIDEOS again to retry as it's possible there was a simple network issue.
You can also try testing one of the websites used as it's also possible there could be a problem with the URL.

-Still not working?
Send an email to with the email linked to your account, the CSV file used, and the name of the campaign.

Please note that this feature is still under development as it just came out to open beta. Your email will be analyzed and considered for future development.

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