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Dynamic videos, Make the most out of it!

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Making the most of your Dynamic Video Minutes

How do Dynamic Video Minutes work? How are they consumed and measured?

How can I get more minutes? Do I really need more minutes? How to make the most of the minutes I have?

In the following video, we'll cover all these questions and a few more.

Using Dynamic Videos and Combined Videos is the best way to go.

This will allow you to easily start with an introductory video while using our AI Voice cloning feature to make a great impact, and then add a secondary or core video where you explain the product and services you offer.

You don't really need 2 minutes to make an impact on your audience. We have a great blog article and a video where we go over this HERE

Basically, it says that writing a video script can be the toughest part of your video email. You need to create a compelling message… in just 20-40 seconds (before you lose your viewer’s attention).

How many minutes do I get?

Check out our Pricing page to find how many minutes are included in each plan:

Notice that the plans with Dynamic Videos are the Solo plan and the Team plan.

If you think these options don't fit your needs, send us an email at support@sendspark.com to discuss more :)

I need more information on Combined Videos!

Sure thing! Just head to:

There you will find all the information you need.

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