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Stitch Dynamic Videos — Combine AI-Personalized Intros with Generic Videos
Stitch Dynamic Videos — Combine AI-Personalized Intros with Generic Videos
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By using custom intros with dynamic videos, you can create a personalized prospecting video with two parts:

  • Dynamic “Custom” Intro (Video 1): a video of you "recording" over your prospect's website (We will dynamically update the background to your prospect’s website according to the prospect list you want to reach out to)

  • Pre-recorded Core Video (Video 2): A reusable video for the use case of your choice. For Example, onboarding expectations, sales pitch, etc

You can combine these two videos so that your Dynamic Custom Intro (Video 1) starts before your pre-recorded Core Video to create 1 complete video!

The trick to achieve this is to record your Core Video first. Keep reading to see the breakdown of the steps.

1. Record your "core video"

This is the pre-recorded video that will be the same for every viewer. For example, a product demo teaser, a new product launch, etc.

For this video, you might want to record your screen, or yourself over your screen to show how your product works.

Pro tip: Add a title/name for your video as it will be easier for you to reference it in the 3rd step.

2. Record the "personalized" introduction

Record one video to introduce yourself. Make sure to record this video in "Face Only" mode as it will be cropped into a circle to appear in a small camera bubble over your prospect’s website. When you finish recording your video, keep the Chrome Extension Preview Modal open.

Record camera only videos

Even though you are just creating one video, once you complete the rest of these steps, it will look like you are recording over each of your prospect’s websites.

For inspiration, you can use this intro script:

"Hi there, I noticed on your website that you... (general indication of how they will be a good customer for you)"

3. Combine the two videos.

From the edit page of the first video, click the “Add Video” icon to view your video library.

Add video

From here you can select your Core Video or search for it by name to append to the Dynamic Custom Intro.

Select a video to merge

This will create a Sendspark "combined video." The introduction will play first, and then immediately go into the second video.

4. Use your "combined video" in a "dynamic video" campaign

Now the fun part! Let's make this dynamic, so every viewer sees your personalized intro over their own website.

Go to the Dynamic Video section in Sendspark, and create a new campaign.

Note: Our dynamic video feature is in private beta. Please reach out via our support chatbot if you would like to unlock this for your account.

You can follow the normal steps to create a video with a dynamic background, just make sure to use the combined video you created in the "Add Video" section.

Make your Combined Video dynamic

5. Test your dynamic video

Try adding one contact and generating a video to see how this will look when you upload your entire list:

The introduction video that you created is now in a small circle over your contact's website, and the core video is queued up to play next!

Test your dynamic video

That's all! Happy connecting!

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