You may use either the Sendspark Web Application on the Sendspark Chrome Extension to record your screen with Sendspark.

Both ways work great, but we recommend using the Chrome Extension for maximum speed.

This article will walk you through both options to record your screen with Sendspark.

Record your Screen with the Sendspark Chrome Extension:

1. Install the Chrome Extension

First install the Sendspark Chrome Extension.

2. Launch the Chrome Extension

You can launch the Chrome Extension by clicking on the Sendspark icon in your Chrome browser at any time. (Make sure you have Sendspark pinned).

Sendspark Chrome Extension in Browser

3. Select Screen

From the Chrome Extension, you can choose between recording your Face, Screen, or Both at the same time.

4. Select what you would like to share

You can choose between:

  • Entire Screen - will record everything on your desktop.

  • Window - will record only a specific application, like Chrome, Slack, or something else.

  • Chrome Tab - will only record what is on the specific chrome tab. We typically recommend this option because you get a more "polished" recording. You're not sharing any bookmarks on chrome or folders on your desktop.

share screen

After you've selected what you would like to share, click the blue "share" button to start recording.

6. Stop Recording

Click back on the Chrome Extension icon to finish recording. Your video will now open in a new preview over your screen for you review and share. πŸŽ‰

Record your Screen with the Sendspark Web Application

1. From the Sendspark dashboard, click Start Recording.

Click Start Recording

2. Under Record, Select Screen.

3. Select what you screen, window, or tab you want to record, and then click Share

4. To stop recording, click on either the Stop Sharing button at the button of your screen, or the red square on the Sendspark preview box.

5. To save your video, click the blue Yes. (Or feel free to record again, until you get it right!)

6. That's it, now your video is ready to edit and share. πŸŽ‰

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