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Record Both Your Face and Screen Together
Record Both Your Face and Screen Together

Use Sendspark to record your camera as a bubble over your screen

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You can record your face and screen together with the Sendspark Chrome Extension.

To get started...

2. Make sure the Chrome Extension is pinned on your Google Browser

3. Launch Sendspark by clicking the Sendspark icon on your Chrome nav bar

Sendspark extension icon

4. Select Both as your recording type

5. Click Record to start recording


6. Select what you would like to share. You can choose between:

  • Entire Screen - will record everything on your desktop.

  • Window - will record only a specific application, like Chrome, Slack, or something else.

  • Chrome Tab - will only record what is on the specific chrome tab. We typically recommend this option because you get a more "polished" recording. You're not sharing any bookmarks on chrome or folders on your desktop.

share screen

7. Click the blue "share" button to start recording.

8. Once you have finished, click on the Sendspark icon again to stop recording

Stop recording

Please Note: Because this is a Chrome Extension, there are some limitations. One is that you will not be able to drag your face bubble off of your Chrome window (so you cannot record yourself over certain apps such as PowerPoint).

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