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SalesLoft — Send Personalized Videos at Scale
SalesLoft — Send Personalized Videos at Scale
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Sendspark makes it easy to send personalized videos at scale in SalesLoft.

How to Send Personalized Videos at Scale in SalesLoft

Watch the video or follow the steps below!

  1. Record or upload your video in Sendspark

  2. Add dynamic variables on the video edit page or video thumbnail. When you send the video in SalesLoft, these variables will be replaced with contact properties.

    1. You can add dynamic variables to the video landing page (where viewers watch the video)

      Add dynamic variables to video landing page
    2. And to the video thumbnail (which shows up in email, and is important for capturing attention)

      add dynamic videos to video thumbnail
  3. For any of the variables, you can add "fallback properties." These will show up in the case that we're not able to get the contact information. You can edit this by clicking on any of your variables and changing the fallback.

    change dynamic video fallback
  4. Click "Share Video"

    share video in SalesLoft
  5. Select the "SalesLoft" share option. (If you don't see it, click "edit/add" and make sure "SalesLoft" is selected"

    Copy SalesLoft snippet
  6. Paste directly into an email template in SalesLoft

    Paste video into SalesLoft
  7. That's it! Now when you use this email in a sequence or direct email, the video will automatically update for each contact.

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