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HubSpot App — Basic Installation and Testing
HubSpot App — Basic Installation and Testing
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Sendspark has a HubSpot App that helps you easily sync data between Sendspark and HubSpot. This helps you...

  • See how HubSpot contacts are engaging with Sendspark videos

  • Create workflows & sales automation based on Sendspark engagement (ex: reach out to contacts who watched 80%+ of a video, but don't click the video call-to-action)

  • Build reports to see how Sendspark videos are impacting pipeline & revenue.

Note: Sendspark has a few ways to send videos in Hubspot, too! Check out the articles below to learn more about those features:

How to Use the Sendspark + HubSpot App

1. Install the HubSpot Integration

2. Test It Out

  • Send Sendspark videos to HubSpot contacts!

    • Make sure to use one of the “HubSpot” share options from either our normal share modal or dynamic video share modal so we have the HubSpot tracking parameters on the videos

Share Sendspark Dynamic Video in Hubspot
  • Note: if you don’t want to send real videos to real contacts, you can just view dynamically generated videos in an incognito browser to trigger the analytics

Copy Link for Sendspark Dynamic Videos

3. Make Sure It’s Working

  • Go into the Timeline for contacts for whom you’ve sent videos , and make sure you see events for Sendspark:

Sendspark Timeline Events in Hubspot

  • (Make sure that “Sendspark” is selected on your Activity list)

View Sendspark Activity in Hubspot

4. Set Up Automations!

Here are some ways the Sendspark + Hubspot integration might be really helpful to you:

  • Track Contacts Who View Sendspark Videos

    • Make a list of all Contacts who’ve watched a Sendspark video

Track Video Percentage Watched

  • Send Automated Emails for High Intent Leads

    • Create an workflow for Contacts for who’ve watched 80%+ of a Sendspark video but have not book a meeting yet

5. Share Feedback

We would love to know how the Sendspark + Hubspot integration is working for you! Please share feedback with us through the chatbot on our website.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need to send videos in HubSpot to see analytics in HubSpot?

A: You do NOT need to send emails in HubSpot to see the analytics in HubSpot, BUT you do need to make sure that Sendspark tracking code is on your video.

If you just "copy the link" or "copy GIF" to share your video, you will not have any tracking code on your video, and you will not be able to see analytics.

However, if you use any of our personalization at scale integrations (with Apollo, Outreach, Instantly, etc.) or share any dynamic videos (which automatically have tracking) then you will be able to see the engagement data in HubSpot.

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