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Mailchimp — Send Personalized Videos at Scale
Mailchimp — Send Personalized Videos at Scale
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Why Send Hyper-Personalized Videos in Mailchimp?

Sendspark makes it easy to record and embed videos in Mailchimp. WIth our hyper-personalization feature, you can automatically personalize viewers for each viewer to add a special touch and increase engagement.

How to Send Personalized Videos at Scale in Mailchimp

Watch the video or follow the steps below:

1. Create your video in Sendspark

You can record, upload, or request a video.

2. Personalize your video

Feel free to add a title, message, or call-to-action on your video page or to edit the video thumbnail.

You can also use merge tags to automatically personalize videos for viewers. These merge tags will automatically update for each recipient. If the recipient's information is unknown, they will see a fallback.

Personalize video in Sendspark

3. Click "Share Video"

Share personalized video in Sendfox

4. From the Sendspark share modal, click "Mailchimp"

By clicking "Mailchimp," you will copy your video share snippet to your clipboard.

Note, if you don't see Mailchimp on the share modal, you can modify your shortcuts

Copy share snippet for mailchimp

5. Paste into your Mailchimp email

From any email in Mailchimp, drag an HTML block. You can paste right into the HTML block, then click "Save & Close."

Preview video email in Mailchimp

That's it, you're ready to send your video!

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